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Automations for Irish Lawyers

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Enduring Power of Attorney

Preliminary Trial Hearing

Criminal Legal Aid (Disclosure)

According to a study by McKinsey, 23% of the work done by lawyers can be automated. That’s a whopping figure. It got us interested.

We (the smartlegal team) have been using automation in our legal practices in various forms and wondered how we could bring it to other Irish lawyers, online, at low cost. That’s how smartlegal was born.

Virtually any repetitive process can (and should) be automated. We distil processes into their constituent elements, add some conditional logic, and produce simple yet powerful solutions.

Building an Automation

Find out how smartlegal builds document automation solutions in this detailed diary, where we describe every step (from conception to execution) behind the creation of a system for the Registration of Enduring Powers of Attorney.

Case Studies

Check out these client stories.

About smartlegal

smartlegal is a project to bring the benefits of automation to solo lawyers and small firms.

Based in Ireland and headed up by a lawyer with 20+ years’ experience, smartlegal provides ‘use as needed’ automation services in a variety of practice areas – enabling solo lawyers and small firms to enjoy the advantages of automation without enormous up-front or recurring costs.

In addition, we build custom automations (to order) and provide general legaltech advice where requested.

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