Enduring Power of Attorney

Automated EPA


When creating or registering an EPA, solicitors have to spend a lot of time creating documentation.

This is wasted time, mainly consisting of entering existing data in a pre-ordained form. Data entry, plain and simple.

Our solution gives you back all that time. You give it the data, it creates the documents.

Getting Started


An EPA is a legal document and should not be completed without legal advice. We therefore restrict access to practising solicitors.

First time users must register with us by filling in a short online form.

Once your registration is complete you can proceed to use our automations as and when you wish.


Free Testing

Vet the System

We've already tested the system and had it vetted by a panel of practising solicitors, but we know you may want to test it too.

We have a test form that you can use without charge to see how the system works, and to see the generated documents.

Test Form

Full Version

€39.95 + VAT

The full version of the EPA Automation gives you all the documents you need, and in MS Word format (for ease of editing).

Watch the video above, or use the test form, to find out what is included.

Pay by credit card on a per-use basis.

Full Version


Tailored Correspondence

Our happiest clients are those who avail of our customised correspondence.

We can program our system to produce letters on your headed notepaper, in your house style, with your custom content - saving you even more time.

Get in touch if you want to know more.

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