Case Studies


Probate Solicitor

Tom found he was spending a lot of time preparing documents to create Enduring Powers of Attorney.

With our custom-built system it now takes him 5 minutes to do what used to take him over an hour.

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Personal Injury Solicitor

Ken wanted to save time processing personal injury claims at the PIAB stage.

We built a system to enable him to take client instructions on his website, and automatically generate documents from those instructions.

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High Volume Prosecutor

Anne prosecutes 500-600 cases a year in the District Court, and needed a way to quickly generate summonses and service letters.

We built a system for her that intelligently builds the required documents in a fraction of the time.

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Barrister - Civil Litigation

Jamie's busy motion practice meant a lot of 'copy and paste' work that was inefficient and soul-destroying.

We built a system for him to improve turnaround speed, reduce errors, and enable outsourcing.

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Criminal Defence

Fiona needed a quick way to create and complete applications for Criminal Legal Aid.

We built a system for her that creates the required document bundle and submits the signed application on her behalf.

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